Maintenance Plan

To care for your landscape, we will consider all the items necessary to keep the grounds safe and plants in a vigorous and healthy condition. Plant maintenance specifications can be drawn up to suit your requests or to the MML standard–see our general maintenance specifications. The scope of service for your property will be clearly outlined in the presentation of our proposal.

In all cases, we work at a high standard. MML strives to offer top quality care. These are not just words. We have the referrals to back it up. Organic fertilizing and sustainable plant care methods are used on all properties regardless of size. Our warranty–see our written warranty link–will give you the assurance you need to hold us to our word.

Each crew member is trained to care for plants with current horticultural practices. We inspect your property each scheduled maintenance visit to look for pest problems, erosion, drainage or irrigation issues–too much or not enough–as well as safety concerns or other issues related to the up keep of the landscape.

  • Give hands on care to all plants
  • Consideration of your needs and privacy will be a part of scheduling pattern
  • Getting to know your pets is always a priority
  • Use efficient techniques for large site maintenance to offer competitive pricing
  • Maintain large surfaces such as courts and parking lots–sweeping and striping
  • Evaluate your site for using effective water conserving irrigation devices
  • Use planting design to highlight your street presence
  • Attend to your individual requirements
  • Provide seasonal planting calendar for year around vegetables and flower harvest
  • Tailor aesthetic qualities for a more natural or formal effect
Seasonal Highlights
  • Design always plays a role
  • Mulching for water conservation, plant health, and aesthetic effect
  • Textural and colorful plantings
  • Colorful and textural ground covers
  • Harvesting & planting vegetables and herbs
  • Tree pruning
  • Frost protection

Maintenance Specifications

  • Weekly service visit–or as determined for your needs
  • Maintain all plants planted in the ground as per MML specifications
  • Keep planter beds within maintenance area free of weeds
  • Fertilize plants planted in ground 1x annually
  • Other fertilizing as determined: acid loving plants, establishing trees or shrubs
  • Prune trees as needed up to a height of 8’-0” to keep walks & drives clear for safety
  • Mow & edge turf areas at appropriate height and frequencies seasonally needed
  • Fertilize turf areas 4x annually
  • Sweep/blow walks, drive, patio, and road in front of property each scheduled visit
  • Set & monitor irrigation controller for balance between optimal plant need and water conservation
  • Monitor irrigation system with a monthly visual observation check and minor adjustments as needed
  • All debris generated by service to be deposited on site–hauling of debris can easily be part of the specification

Our Warranty
Mountain Meadow Landscape shall furnish all supervision, labor, materials, and equipment necessary for the complete maintenance of all landscaped areas within the area of service. Plant materials shall be maintained in a healthy and vigorous condition, irrigation system kept in good working order and the general site kept clean & safe. Mountain Meadow Landscape shall restore or replace any plant material damaged by MML action or lack of action.

More detail about caring for your landscape will be determined after we analyze your site.